7 Chakras Massage

Columna Vertebral con 7 ChakrasWhat is the 7 Chakras Massage?

The 7 Chakras Massage is a mixed therapy, since it has elements of manual and holistic therapies:

  • Physical: It is a relaxing, close, intimate massage between the therapist and recipient. It would resemble the proximity offered by a Tantric Massage session.
  • Holistic: The alignment of the 7 Chakras with its multiple physical and energetic benefits proceeds during the session.

What are Chakras?

For those who do not know what the Chakras are, I recommend reading my article. What are the Chakras and what are their benefits?

What is a 7 Chakras Massage session?

Before talking about what the therapy consists of, it is essential to mention 2 important aspects of this:

  • The session is usually done in futon to ensure closeness between therapist and recipient.
  • It should be received with a minimum of clothes to facilitate the therapist’s work when treating the body in its fullness on both sides.

Although it is very important to fulfill these 2 aspects, this does not mean that these points cannot be previously discussed and adapted to the receiver so that he can enjoy the session.

Once, clarified these 2 points, let’s explain what the session is:

The receiver first lies face down and the therapist begins to work on each Chakra.

During the treatment of each Chakra, the therapist will ask the recipient to imagine that the area of the Chakra is filled with its corresponding color and sing the Mantra correspondent.

In this way, it will go through each of the Chakras on each side.

Additional Recommendations

As a complement to this massage, it is recommended to perform an activated polarity test and to carry out an energy feeding based on polarities so that both, male and female, are in balance.

If you like it, make your appointment and enjoy it now!

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