Access Facelift or Facial Energetic Rejuvenation

What is Access Facelift?

Access Facelift or Facial Energy Rejuveneation is one of the many tools available to us by Access Consciousness facilitators.

Recall that the Access bars are 32 points located in the head that when are stimulated slightly release judgments, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, etc. whether conscious or unconscious.

The society in which we live leads us to prejudices, beliefs, feelings, limitations, etc. about us.

All this negative that we say daily, judgments, prejudices, beliefs, etc. that we give our minds about ourselves, is what favors and reinforces aging.

And it is precisely thanks to Access Facelift that each of these “veils” that distort the true vision of our real body is demolished.

​​How is Access Facelift different from other alternatives?

This technique differs from others in that it is pleasant, joyful, gentle, energetic and is easier to apply both in you and in and for your body.

And, the most important of all, IT IS NOT INTRUSIVE!

What is an Facial Energy Rejuvenation session?

This therapy is similar to the Access Bars session but focused on rejuvenating our body.

For one hour the recipient will receive a mixture of facial massage combined with the imposition of hands on the neck and scalp that will eliminate the limitations that prevent the body from restoring, revitalizing and rejuvenating.

How many sessions do I need to notice changes?

Each receiver is different and, therefore, we cannot give exact figures.

Although some people begin to notice effects from the first session, we can summarize that for the effects to be practically permanent, about 20 sessions are needed.

If you like it, make your appointment and enjoy it now!

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