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What is Tarot?

Tarot reading is a way in which, through the cards, it helps us to know the opportunities that life presents to us in every moment. It helps us move forward.

What origin does it have?

There are many assumptions and studies in this regard.

Below I list some of the various assumptions:

  • The first references to tarot appear in the fifteenth century in Italy. The oldest deck is the Visconti-Sforza deck.
  • In studies conducted by occultists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, attempts are made to demonstrate the connection between tarot and cabal, as well as with Egyptian symbolism.
  • Some claim that the gypsies were the ones who started using the Tarot as a divinatory method.
  • Others it was Rasputin, the mythical Russian mystic, who used the Tarot cards.

How is a Tarot card roll made?

To make the readings we use 2 aspects: the image that appears in the letter, and the number of it:

  1. Using the image, we analyze the symbology.
  2. Through the number, and based on the TRCD numerology, we will analyze the mind of the consultant, the blocks that prevent him from getting what he wants.

Each suit is made up of 14 cards that are associated with a theme, and each suit in turn, is accompanied by some major arcana. The major arcana are a total of 22.

What is the use of each suit that makes up the Tarot deck?

    • If the consultant wants to ask about the job, we will use swords.
    • For inquiries related to money, pentacles.
    • You have doubts in love, coarse.
    • And complementing the previous 3, the cups, which mark the situation of the consultant mentally.

Which benefits does it have ? How does it help us?

Through the symbology and numerology that Tarot cards show us, we will help the consultant to see his current situation in that or those issues that concern him, his blockages, his fears.

Each roll helps us to know ourselves, getting to act as a guide and that we grow and mature generating personal changes.

Do not hesitate!

Come and try it.

Training received at the School of Witches with the LogroBienestarTarot style. Directed and taught by Úrsula Dulcinea, Director of the Witch School and LBT, and channeled by María Gemma Sáenz.

If you like it, make your appointment and enjoy it now!

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