Demystifying hypnosis

Given all the misinformation about Hypnosis, I’m going to clarify 8 myths:

1. The Hypnotized is at the will of the Hypnotist:

The hypnotized DOES NOT LOSE control of his will at any time. So much so, that if the hypnotist gives a hypnotic order that goes against his principles, or his will, the hypnotized will discard it or even leave the hypnotic trance. The Hypnotist simply acts as a companion / guide for the hypnotized person to discover by himself tools that can be beneficial to end the blockage that has led him to attend the session.

2. Hypnosis occurs only with eyes closed:

Hypnosis can be developed with both eyes open and eyes closed. To deepen inside and not have external conditions (although it can be used to deepen the hypnotic state), it is usually advised to perform hypnosis with your eyes closed but it is not mandatory.

3. You can get stuck in the trance state:

Repeating # 1, the hypnotized person can leave him, at any time, and without the intervention of the hypnotist.

4. The hypnotist has powers:

Hopefully! He is simply an ordinary person, who has dedicated himself to the study of this technique and who, based on effort, dedication and practice, is dedicated to it. The only real power is the trust that the hypnotist places in the hypnotist. Essential factor to get the hypnotic trance.

5. You don’t lose consciousness during a hypnosis session:

One of the most common false myths about hypnosis is that society thinks we lose consciousness during a hypnosis session. And it is not true, we experience a momentary dissociation in which the conscious part is located, say, passively. As a spectator, the conscious knows what is happening around him, but lets the unconscious part be totally interested in the experience that is being narrated. This experience can be caused by direct orders or more indirect suggestions, often wrapped or presented in the form of metaphors.

6. It is spoken during the hypnosis session, and you do not choose what you want to tell

A pity … but no! Being repetitive to satiety and following the myth # 1, the hypnotized person is aware of everything that is happening in the room and will only tell what he wants to share with the hypnotist. Even hypnosis sessions can be given, without the hypnotized person speaking during the session of more than u.

7. When you are hypnotized you cannot wake up by yourself

Based on the fact that the person is not asleep, simply giving orders such as “open your eyes” or “take a deep breath and at your own pace begin to move the body” the person would wake up.

8. Are people more likely to be hypnotized less intelligent or something similar?

Just the opposite!! The higher the intelligence, the higher the level of suggestibility.

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