Dowsing, use of pendulums for healing

¿What is Dowsing?

Dowsing (or Rabdomancy) is the ability to perceive electromagnetic radiation. All things (inert and alive) emit a vibration or waves that, with training, we can perceive.

Etimology of Dowsing and Rabdomancy

  • Dowsing: It is composed of the words “radium” (radiation) and the Greek “Aisthesis” (sensation or perception). –
  • Rabdomancy: It is composed of the Greek word rhabdos: ‘rod’ and manteia: ‘divination’.


As we have seen, dowsing through the use of pendulums is dated, at least, from Ancient Egypt.

However, Dowsing is known for the use of wooden rods by Zahoríes to find water or metals.

Types of Pendulums:

  • Egyptian Pendulums
  • Therapeutic Pendulums
  • Mineral Pendulums


As we have commented previously, one of the best known uses has been the search for water or metals with the use of rods.

Currently, either with rods or pendulums, we can measure the energy quality of a space, ask a question and receive a yes / no answer, or make an energy correction in ourselves (for example, balanced chakras).

Also, thanks to the use of therapeutic pendulums, we will be able to obtain multiple benefits / results but, as you always have to remember, this type of therapy / session never replaces the visit of a specialist and medical treatment.

If you like it, make your appointment and enjoy it now!

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