Egyptian Physical Essences

What are the Egyptian Physical Essences?

The Egyptian Physical Essences are 7 of the 14 Egyptian Essential Oils that are used in Egyptian Aromatherapy.

Each Physical Essence is related to the 7 Chakras, which we can find throughout our body.

Therefore, many of the benefits that these physical essences will bring us will be linked to the areas where the 7 “bodily” Chakras are located.

These Essences are complemented by the 7 Higher Essences or Egyptian Auric, causing the effects of the preparation that is carried out for each specific case to be enhanced, since they correspond to a higher vibrational plane.

What are the 7 Physical Essences and what benefits do they bring us?

  1. Red Amber:

    Corresponds to the base Chakra. It is recommended for health problems related to muscle aches, bones, rectals, irritable bowel, varicose veins or sciatica. It is also recommended for people who have negative concepts related to sexual or are not accepted as they are.

  2. Musk:

    Corresponds to the Second Chakra, the emotional Chakra par excellence. Recommended for those with prostate, bladder, allergy, skin, kidney, spleen, bronchial, menstrual pain problems. It also helps us increase self-esteem and accept during pregnancy the hormonal and bodily changes that occur during it.

  3. Jasmine:

    Corresponds with the Third Chakra, located in the Solar Plexus. It is recommended for people with health problems such as hiatus hernias, gastric ulcers, indigestion, pancreatitis, liver dysfunction, diabetes, etc. It also helps us balance our emotional and spiritual side.

  4. Rose:

    It corresponds to the Fourth Chakra, also called the Heart Chakra. It is recommended for people with heart problems, asthma, allergies, upper back pain, shoulder overloads or who have sentimental instability. It helps us to love, forgive and forget.

  5. Kashmir Amber:

    Corresponds to the Fifth Chakra (also called Throat Chakra). It helps us eliminate the fear of expressing ourselves. Help with problems of Pharyngitis, laryngitis and thyroid conflicts.

  6. Sandalwood:

    Corresponds to the Sixth Chakra, located in the Third Eye. It helps us to strengthen clairvoyance, telepathy, imagination, creative capacity. When we have it locked, we are afraid to open up to new ideas. It is also recommended for those who suffer from eye problems, migraines, migraines, dizziness, deafness, lack of concentration, insomnia, etc.

  7. Lotus: Corresponds with the Seventh Chakra or Crown Chakra. It helps us to decide without fear of making mistakes, making decisions, protects us from external envy and heals Karma. Recommended for those with bone, muscle problems.

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