Egyptian Tarot (Gay and Lesbian)

¿What is the Egyptian Tarot (Gay and Lesbian)?

The Egyptian Tarot, as we can read on many sites on the Internet, is a version of the Tarot card game.

It is considered as one of the sacred decks and the key to all powers and dogmas, from the point of view of esotericism and is considered the most accurate.

His study includes knowledge of colors, symbols and features.

Why do we use the Egyptian Tarot (Gay and Lesbian) to make Tarot rolls for gays and lesbians?

Because in the Egyptian Tarot, unlike the rest of the decks, we do not rely on the symbology of the cards, where the representation of the stereotype “couple” appears, understood as male and female.

We only rely on numerology.

Does that mean then it is only used for Gays and Lesbians?

No, it can be used for anyone, but for this group, it is much more precise because of what has been said before.

What differences does it have with respect to other Tarot decks?

There are several differences with respect to a roll made with other mallets, such as the Astral Wisdom Tarot.

  1. We only use the sticks, leaving aside the arcana.
  2. It is more accurate when reading.
  3. It is used to predict short times, a period of 10-15 days.

Why do we only use suits?

In order to be able to rely on the numerological part.

In the other decks, an interpretation of images and numbers is performed.

This allows us to make an interpretation from the freedom offered by numerology, based on the TRCD method.

How long is an Egyptian Tarot (Gay and Lesbian) roll?

It depends on each client and the queries that he wants to make and can be done both in person, via Skype or phone call.

Training received at the School of Bruges with the LogroBienestarTarot style.

Come and try it!

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