Metamorphic Therapy

What is Metamorphic Therapy? 

It is a technique that helps us to connect with those feelings of peace, tranquility, love and security we felt when we were in our mothers’ womb.

Also known as Metamorphic Massage or Prenatal Therapy.

It is recognized as Natural Therapy (Therapies and Manual Techniques).

It should be noted that it is a very beneficial therapy for pregnant women since at this time their own experiences of intrauterine life, their birth and their childhood are unconsciously revived and the baby develops with those experiences.

It is a wonderful time to heal the beliefs and experiences that may have limited the woman allowing the baby to be born without inherited fears.

It also gives women self-confidence and a reunion with their creative nature of life.

What is it based on?

It is based on the concept that conscious life begins from the first gestation period.

As soon as the first cell is created, it already has an elementary consciousness and all our physical, mental and emotional structures are established.

During the first months of pregnancy, we are subjected to the influence of innumerable factors: the way of being of our parents, the cultural and physical environment in which they live …

All of them shape the patterns of our life being able to find energy blocks from the first moments of conception and that will accompany us in our life as insomnia, insecurity, obsession or creating states of depression, stress, fibromyalgia, etc.

With this technique we can unlock these stagnant energies and release them so that they are transmuted and healed, reaching many times to find a new awakening of Consciousness.

How long the session is?

Around 50 minutes.

Who is it for? – Tantric Massage Benefits Valencia

This technique will help to find anyone better but especially those with any of these symptoms or characteristics:

  • States of depression, stress, insomnia.
  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Lack of self-esteem, insecurity or obsessions.
  • They suffer fibromyalgia.
  • Have addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food.
  • Children with school problems, teenagers and their families.
  • Family members and educators of children with problems.
  • For pregnant women, it helps them enjoy pregnancy and give birth without difficulties.
  • Premature babies.
  • Parents and educators of children with psychic impairments. People with difficulties in speech, hearing, delayed education and family problems.
  • Women who have suffered or suffer physical and psychological abuse.
  • In complicated moments, it helps us make decisions and move to change.
  • It helps to make decisions that we dare not.

It is also a recommended technique for those who wish to understand its evolution, raise its vibration and live in harmony.

Does it have second effects or contraindications?


What other therapies you offer are similar or complementary?

If your style of therapy is “mixed” therapies, which combine the alternatives or holistic with all its multiple benefits that they bring us at a physical, mental and spiritual level, and the closeness and physical contact offered by manual therapies, do not hesitate to click in these links:

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You will repeat.

If you like it, make your appointment and enjoy it now!

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