What is numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and what the Universe wants to convey through them.

We are surrounded by numbers at every step we take. They are very present in our daily lives and we cannot avoid it.

Therefore, and through the TRCD numerology as a tool, it will help us to understand the meaning of many situations that we face in our day to day or have already lived and continue to think what they mean.

How does Numerology help us know what we have come to do in this life?

It helps us to understand and interpret both simple things and more momentous questions such as:

  • why we were born one day and not another,
  • why we got a license plate in our car,
  • why we live in a certain street number,

As we have said, the numbers are very present in our daily life: from our date of birth, the registration of our car and also money.

All the numbers that surround us can be interpreted. And if we go further through specific formulas we can know our “deepest self”.

What other tools is Numerology present in?

Numerology is present in other tools such as tarot cards, in the Egyptian tarot (gay and lesbian).

The interpretation of the numbers is the basis of other divinatory means such as reading the lines of the hand.

If you want to know what your life purpose is through the study of your birth date, you just have to write to me and request your study of your birth date.

A few days after requesting your oder, you will receive it in your mail.

Training received at the School of Bruges with the LogroBienEstarTarot style.

Directed and taught by Úrsula Dulcinea, Director of the Witch School and LBT.

If you like it, make your appointment and enjoy it now!

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