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Demystifying hypnosis

Given all the misinformation about Hypnosis, I’m going to clarify 8 myths: 1. The Hypnotized is at the will of the Hypnotist: The hypnotized DOES NOT LOSE control of his will at any time. So much so, that if the hypnotist gives a hypnotic order that goes against his principles, or his will, the hypnotized


What are the Chakras and what are their benefits?

  What are the Main Chakras? The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “disk”. There are many Chakras, although 7 are the main ones, located in the central axis of our body, crossing our spine. Sometimes, in order to differentiate them from other Chakras, we usually call them “Physical Chakras”, even


Foot reflexology, more than just a foot massage. History and Benefits

Types of comments heard about Foot Reflexogy: With each person with whom I talk about my therapies, when I talk about Foot Reflexology, I always hear 3 types of comments that are totally opposed:   “I love that my feet are touched” “I hate when my feet are touched. How disgusting!” “I love foot massages.”

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