Regressive Therapy

What is the Regressive Therapy?

Regressive Therapy is a totally safe technique that allows us to access memories that are hidden in our subconscious.

It’s only one options that offers the hypnosis therapy.

In this way, we can work over these memories that we are not aware of by accessing the information that conditions us in order to understand and transmute it.

What is its origin?

This therapy was very popularized by the famous psychiatrist Brian Weiss

During the seventies and the eighties, he healed numerous patients through this technique, particularly analyzing the transit between past lives.

However, the one who has deepened the most in this area has been the hypnotist Michael Newton.

Among his books we can find “Life between Lives”, “Memories of the Soul”, “Destiny of Souls” or “The Journey of Souls”.

What does the Regressive Therapy consists?

It consists of a very deep relaxation to connect with the information that we have stored inside us, in our subconscious, and which we cannot access from a waking or conscious state.

During it, what is achieved is to bring a state of relaxation to the body, but leaving the mind in a state of maximum awareness.

Why decide on Regressive Therapy versus other methods?

There are many reasons for this.

Regressive Therapy is a simple, fast and effective method that is completely natural, with no side effects.

From the first session, the client will already be aware of their blockages.

Afterwards, these blocks can be treated to end them. For example:

  • healing relationships,
  • wounds of our inner child,
  • discovering our life mission,
  • etc.

What will I experience during Regressive Therapy?

During a Regressive Therapy session we can have experiences or experiences of long ago stored inside us.

It is very likely that we have forgotten or hidden.

Why? Because they are emotions that cause us pain, that we could not assimilate or deal with them at that time.

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