Reiki 3rd Degree

ReikiUsuiWhat is Reiki? 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese discipline that uses the hands to restore health and balance energy fields, also known as Chakras.

I, as a tantric massage therapist Madrid, use this technique during the massages I do. Its name comes from Sanskrit and means “Universal Life Energy.” Follow the principles of acupuncture, Shiatsu or Reflexology.

For the most skeptical, it is recommended and recognized as an alternative therapy by the WHO, World Health Organization.

Even in the US and the United Kingdom is included in the public health system !!

How many types of Reiki exist?

There are currently 400 types of Reiki but the best known system and which they recommend you to start with is the Usui or Tibetan System, since it is the basic technique channeled by the creator of Reiki and the best known of them all.

What will I feel during the Reiki sessions?

Reiki sessions act on different levels, providing multiple benefits to each of them:

  • Physical: To improve any ailment of the body.
  • Emotional: To work on emotional problems, dissatisfaction, fear, discomfort, anger, etc.
  • Mental: Insomnia, stress, etc.
  • Spiritual: Peace, harmony, happiness.

What are its benefits?

  • Unlock stagnant energy.

  • Bring tranquility, joy, strength.

  • Support and complement any conventional treatment of a disease.

  • Reduce stress. Promote calm, serenity, inner peace.

  • Avoid insomnia.

  • It favors a deep and restful sleep. Relieves migraines. Reduces physical pain.

  • Reduces emotional suffering. Promotes intestinal transit.

  • Avoids constipation.

  • Balances energy in pregnancy and postpartum. (You may also be interested in the Metamorphic Technique).

  • Lines up the 7 Main Chakras

Does it have any type of contraindication?


Who can receive a session?

Everybody, since it has no secondary effects or contraindications!

What does it consist of?

The client lies on a stretcher or a futon on the floor in a room with dim light and ambient music.

During the session the therapist, places the hands above or on the client, eliminating those blockages that the person has to harmonize the chakras.

How long the session is?

Around 50 minutes. 

It can be given remotely and physically in our establishment.

Come and try it!

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