Shamballa Therapy

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (MDH), now called New Paradigm For Multi-dimensional Transformation (NPMDT), is a new energy on the planet in line with the new energies that are entering Earth.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing is applied in a similar way to other energy techniques.

The difference with respect to other energy techniques, such as Reiki, is that Shamballa does not use symbols, protocols or other guidelines to channel and heal.

In Shamballa we connect with the pure intention, feeling and offer allowing a total opening of the unlimited energy flow, managing to direct the energy that with our human mind we could not direct towards the real needs of our clients, which we do not know.

In which levels does Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing work?

As during the Reiki sessions, Shamballa acts in 4 levels:

  • Physical: Help improve any body ailment.

  • Emotional: Work on emotional problems, dissatisfaction, fear, discomfort, anger, etc.

  • Mental: Help end insomnia, stress, etc.

  • Spiritual: Brings peace, harmony, happiness to our life.

Allowing to reach old energy patterns.

What benefits does Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing have?

  • Letting go of old thought patterns, beliefs or blockages that bind us and stagnate in the past.

  • Open up to your own potential and development of your abilities.

  • Reprogram your DNA – Cleaning and Activation.

  • Balancing cerebral hemispheres. Cleaning and alignment of chakras. Cosmic meridian activation.

  • It balances the central nervous system, cellular system.

  • Boosts the immune system.

  • Eliminate fear and bad karma.

  • It helps to evolve giving you the necessary clarity.

And, the most important thing, it only provides what the recipient is willing to integrate and receive at that time, and always operates with the permission of the Higher Self of the person and for his/her highest good.

Does it have any contraindications?


How Long the  session is?

1 hour approximately.

Come and try it!

If you like it, make your appointment and enjoy it now!

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