The Benefits of Holistic Tantric Massage

What is Tantra Madrid Massage?

After reading several books regarding the Tantra Madrid Massage this Christmas,

I would like to share some ideas and concepts that I think will be helpful.

For these people who have doubts or questions and what kind of benefits it would entail to request a session of Holistic Tantric Massage Madrid.

¿What is the main objetive of Tantra Madrid Massage?

The main objetive of the Tantra Madrid Massage is Unity, with oneself, with others and with God.

What is Tantra? Is Tantra a Religion?

Tantra is not a religion. However, it can be considered a positive complement to any existing way of life or religion.

What kind of Benefits would I contribute to receive a Tantra Madrid Massage Session?

As a tantric massage therapist Valencia I will tell you some of the many benefits that it brings us are:

  • It helps healing both physical and emotional pain: feelings of loss, sadness and pain.
  • Awakens and enhances the Kundalini energy, which snakes through our spine.
  • Personal benefits: improves relationships, emotional healing, physical health, longevity, happiness, wealth, and of course, the most obvious: a fully satisfying sex life.
  • It teaches to go beyond fears. To trust yourself.
  • It helps to  put your destiny in your own hands and not in the hands of others.
  • It improves self-esteem.
  • It helps to free yourself from everything that does not go with your essence.
  • It helps to enhance one’s self-esteem and to love others more.
  • It helps to end the states of depression and worry.
  • It empowers our happiness by opening our hearts to the people around us and, finally, to ourselves.
  • It teaches us how to love unconditionally, in every aspect of our lives.
  • It allows us to incorporate the concept of Unity into our lives. Unity means learning to accept people as they are, without wanting to be different and accepting them entirely.
  • It helps to face the present moment.

Do Tantra and Chakras have any kind of Relationship?

Tantra, although it is not a holistic therapy to use, since an integral manual massage is performed, is intimately linked to the unlocking and harmonization of the 7 Main Chakras from the first moment the person begins with the session and performs the heart to heart connection.

The Holistic Tantric Massage Madrid will help us to cleanse the body, build energy and introduce positive emotional states and take out the negative ones, also enhancing the feelings of the Chakras and taking out the sleeping feelings.

In the next article we will talk about the metamorphic technique

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