What are the Chakras and what are their benefits?


What are the Main Chakras?

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “disk”.

There are many Chakras, although 7 are the main ones, located in the central axis of our body, crossing our spine.

Sometimes, in order to differentiate them from other Chakras, we usually call them “Physical Chakras”, even though they are not within us, they are found in our astral or spiritual level.

Regarding the first 6 Chakras, we can say that they are in close relationship with various parts of our body and they tend to have a correspondence with them. The Universe, like our body, is formed by Energy.

There are 2 types of energies:

  • Dense energy, which, in the end, ends up becoming material.
  • Lighter energy, which is what we can find in the astral or spiritual plane.

What shape do the 7 Main Chakras have?

In Human Beings, until the moment of our death, both energies are linked.

If we have to imagine what the Chakras are like, the image we have to visualize is that of a Lotus Flower with a different number of petals and with a kind of vortex in the center from where the energy flows clockwise.

What role do the Chakras have?

Its main function is to transform and send out energy (called Prana or Chi) throughout our subtle body.

For many reasons, sometimes these vortices close, misalign or disharmonize and the energy stops flowing properly.

It is then when they must be aligned or harmonized so that they all vibrate in the same frequency, bringing balance in its 3 levels (physical, mental and emotional) to our body.

Each Chakra has an assigned color, sound and body area.

How can I reopen / harmonize the 7 Main Chakras?

There are many ways to harmonize them. Next, I detail some of them:

  • Practicing Yoga.
  • Eating in a balanced way with our Energetic Food and Polarities Therapy.

  • Having positive thoughts.

  • With alternative therapies. For example, Reiki or Shamballa.

  • Requesting a 7 Chakras Massage Session

  • Applying for Massage, Holistic Tantric Massage or Foot Reflexology.

What characteristics does each Main Chakra have?

Next, I summarize in a table the main characteristics of each Chakra.

Chakra Name Petals Body Zone Color Stone Functions Sound God Element
1 Muladhara 4 Base de la Columna Red Ruby, Obsidian, Jasper Earth Connection, Security, Survival LAM Brahma  Ganesh Earth
2 Svadhisthana 6 Sacro Orange White Opal, Cornelian, Selenite Sexuality, Creativity VAM Vishnu Water
3 Manipura 10 Plexo Solar Yellow/Golden Amber, Topaz, Tiger Eye

Assimilation, Digestion

RAM Rudra Fire
4 Anahata 12 Chest  Green Jade, Pink Quark, Emerald Wellness, Balance YAM Isha Air
5 Vischudha 16


Blue Turquoise, Aquamarine Communication, Internal Growth HAM Sadashiva Life
6 Ajna 2 Pineal Gland or “Third Eye” Indigo Alejandrita, Perka, Zafiro Tiempo, Luz A Sambhu Time
7 Sahasrara 1000 “Crown”


Amatista, Cristal de Roca, Diamante Conciencia OM Paramashiva Space

What are the disadvantages of having the 7 Main Chakras closed or locked?

In general, almost all of us usually have between three and four Chakras closed or locked. 

When this happens, not only we stop “receiving” information, but also our energy is sent outwards, seeing in the rest of the people, situations or problems that we have or have experienced during our childhood.

What are the benefits of aligning the Main Chakras?

Through an alignment of Chakras we will achieve a physical, mental and spiritual balance.

More specifically, it will lead us to improve our health, creativity, diplomacy, wisdom, compassion, etc.

But above all, a feeling that everything flows around us, thus achieving inner peace and harmony with our surroundings and with the Universe.

Are the Chakras interrelated with each other or are they independent?

Except the Heart Chakra, the rest line up in pairs.

The relationship would be as follows:

  • Base Chakra (1) with Crown Chakra (7)
  • “Sacrum” Chakra (2) with “Third Eye” Chakra (6)
  • “Plexus” Chakra (3) with “Throat” Chakra(5)

Is there any technique I can do at home?

On the Internet you can find several webs that offer exercises that are related to yoga, that will help us harmonize / open our Main Chakras.

Even so, I recommend going to a specialist to help and advise you. Should you need further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

In the next article we will talk about the benefits of holistic tantric massage.

Do not miss it!

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